Possibilities for Companies


Susan works with companies to improve employee engagement and productivity through individual coaching as well as personalized group coaching. Connect with Susan.


In addition to possibilities workshops and keynotes, Susan will customize a program based on the needs of your company or event. Contact Susan to talk about what’s possible.

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Pursue Possibilities Program

We create a customized program that supports your company’s culture and employee needs. This unique program helps your employees be more engaged in their day and ultimately happier and more successful in their businesses and lives. The Pursue Possibilities daily emails were described by one financial advisor as a “competitive edge that companies don’t even know they are missing”. Through the delivery of daily emails, quarterly conference calls, virtual and on-site workshops along with content for your company newsletter, Pursue Possibilities encourages employees to recognize and say yes to everyday possibilities. If you are ready to make changes and experience not only sustainable success in your business, but joy, too, and need a partner, contact me to learn about what’s possible for you and your company.

Possibilities for Individuals


Possibilities are funny things. Some we must pursue alone, but others only materialize in pairs. We don’t experience our purpose alone–we need other people. And we all need help choosing our possibilities instead of our fears. So if you want to make changes and experience not only sustainable success but joy, too, and need a partner for some of those possibilities, contact me. I love talking about what’s possible.