The Reality

The truth is, we do have really outrageously fantastic possibilities to pursue but it isn’t easy.

Saying yes to our possibilities should be easy because our possibilities lead us to our purpose. We are given exactly what we need in order to pursue our possibilities and fulfill our purpose—every skill, talent and tool that is necessary. We lack nothing except the courage to say yes and receive what is ready for us.

Saying yes to something so wonderful should be easy, but for many of us, it is incredibly difficult. Our fears tell us don’t take the chance, our mistakes tell us we are unworthy and our pride says don’t be vulnerable. But vulnerable is where possibilities are born.

We have to let go of our fear, pride and guilt to grab on to our possibilities. Unfortunately, that isn’t a one-time choice, we have to pretty much choose all day everyday.

We actually say no to our possibilities rather than an exuberant yes! We say “no” out loud and then add in our heads —that’s too big for me. I’m not good enough. I’m not pretty enough. I’m not smart enough. I might fail. I might succeed. I might mess up. I might be rejected. I’m not perfect.

I understand, I have to remind myself to say yes to my possibilities every day because some days my default response is still no. I have to make myself choose to say yes and help instead of saying no and hiding in my emotional closet.

We want to step forward with vibrancy but then that little voice in our head reminds us that we aren’t “enough” and we find ourselves shrinking back rather than stepping forward. But we are responsible for silencing the one person who holds us back—ourselves.

We all find ways to waste time and energy maneuvering around and hiding behind fear, pride, guilt or unworthiness rather than choosing something different.

This is your something different. Your possibilities start fresh today.